About Cops & Barbers Foundation

About Cops & Barbers

The Cops & Barbers Initiative was created in 2015 by Shaun "Lucky " Corbett (Barber) and Garry McFadden (Detective) in the wake of the Mike Brown Shooting as an opportunity to bridge the gap between the Police and community they serve as the barbershop is a trusted cornerstone of the community. The initiative has been credited to establish meaningful relationships thus making it easier to have much needed dialogue for
sustainable community growth. To date, Cops & Barbers has grown from an idea, to an initiative that would gain national and local attention to now a thriving foundation. The Cops & Barbers Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit organization that was established to provide a sense of hope,
determination, and willingness through the barbering profession and Police relationship building.g.

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Cops & Barbers Scholarship

The Cops & Barbers Scholarship Program is open to young men and women, ages 16-25 that have an interest in the barbering profession but lack the financial resources necessary to attend school. The Cops & Barbers Program encourages the participants to continue their education while teaching them to be exceptional students, uncanny barbering tool technique, volunteerism and more. Through the program, the barber student will be paired with a Police Cadet and will keep in touch with each other, thus fulfilling the mission of the Cops & Barbers Initiative into the future.

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This white police officer and black barber are working together to ease racial tensions in their community

Cops and Barbers

Skip to content Crossing the Divide / Episode 3 In the wake of the Michael Brown shooting, Shaun "Lucky" Corbett, a barber in Charlotte, was inspired to do his part to bring peace to his community. Lucky teamed up with Officer Rob Dance to start a mentoring program that has opened up an important dialogue between the officers and the community.

Cops And Barbers: A Friendship Forged Between Blacks And Whites In Charlotte, N.C.

RACHEL MARTIN, HOST: We're going to take you now to a barber shop in Charlotte, N.C. SHAUN CORBETT: Hey, what's up? ROB DANCE: Good morning. MARTIN: Hi. CORBETT: Hey, how you doing? MARTIN: Shaun? Inside, the owner of the place, a black guy with tattoos on his neck wearing a black baseball hat, is sitting next to a white police officer who's in uniform.

Cops & Barbers